Thinking of buying a house but confused about whether to go for a previously owned property or a brand new house? We’ve made things easier for you. We’ve listed down 6 reasons why you should pick buy a brand new property when looking to invest.


When you buy a brand new house, you can decide exactly how you want the interiors of your house to look. You can decide if you want to construct a partition in a room, choose the fittings and tiles in your bathroom and model your kitchen according to your exact taste. This might not be possible if you buy a pre-owned house. While it is possible to make some changes even in a pre-owned house, your options are a much lesser when compared to a new house.

Energy-efficient appliances

Most newly constructed houses have rather energy-efficient mechanics which help reduce the electricity consumption as well as the electricity bill. Newly constructed houses often use green systems and more environment friendly alternatives that houses built a few years ago might not. While you can always retrofit a old or pre-owned home or buy new energy effective appliances, this could be a rather expensive affair and also damage the appearance of house, with wires and switches protruding from different nooks and corners.

Fewer repairs

If you are buying a new house, chances of you needing repairs anytime soon after buying the property is much lesser than when you buy a pre-owned property. While in a new house all the fixtures, woodwork and appliances are brand new, pre-owned houses usually have fittings that were installed at the time the house was being constructed and might need repairing by the time you move in.


In the past few years, a lot of safety norms have been put in place and authorities are making sure that construction companies are adhere to them. However, many old buildings were not constructed keeping these norms in mind. Most new buildings are equipped with the newest fire alarm systems, state-of-the-art security systems and many of them are disaster resistant. If safety is of utmost importance to you, going for a newly built house is definitely a better idea than buying a previously owned house constructed years ago.


A lot of construction companies take care of any repair work that becomes necessary right after you occupy the property. So, if the roof of your new building starts leaking, more often than not, the construction company you purchased the property from will repair it for you. Also, many of the electrical fittings like your geysers and room heaters would be newly installed and would come with a minimum of one year warranty in most cases. However, this might not be the case if you are buying a pre-owned property, not only would the structure be too old to be under any kind of warranty, the electrical fittings and appliances used in the building would also not under warranty, unless installed recently.


Chances of you being able to squeeze out a concession from a builder is much higher than when buying a house from someone. Individual sellers usually have an emotional attachment to their homes and this often leads them to believe that their house is worth more than what it actually is. Also, construction companies can still afford a sight loss on one of the many houses that they have constructed and put up for sale, however, that is not the case when it comes to an individual seller.


Most builders have tie ups with leading banks. These banks approve the project and are willing to give out loans to people who are purchasing a home in that project. However, the seller of a resale house might not be able to do that for their buyer.

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